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St John's Church of England Primary School

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Year 3/4 


Hear ye! Hear ye!


Calling all Noble Knights, dragons have invaded the LKS2 department!


This term’s quest sees us becoming dragonologists, we will be researching all about these fire-breathing reptiles using our smoking-hot literacy skills to describe our own hair-raising pets, explain how to look after them and we are throwing down the gauntlet and creating our own adventurous fairy-tale (or should that be firey-tale?).


We have been pushing on from our understanding of number and are continuing to develop our multiplication and division skills. This will be studied further when we get onto learning all about fractions and decimals. As ever, we continue to reason with our learning to develop a greater understanding and discussion around maths.


Dragons aren’t the only fire-spewing subject we will be duelling with. Our science topic is rocks, we will discover how they are made, how we can identify different ones and look at their properties. Who knows, we may even go hunting for some dragon fossils. This will be linked to our study of volcanoes. When entering our lovely new building, please bring some fire protection with you (things could get out of hand).


The brave and talon-ted children of St Johns are becoming animators to produce off-the-scale stop motion animations. A steady hand and a focused mind will be needed in this totally roarsome learning.


We have a lot to get our claws into for Art and DT! The team will be using mixed media, inspired by the works of Njideka Akunyili Crosby to create our own dragon pieces. The gallant households of LKS2 will be further designing and making their own coat of arms using a range of sewing skills to create a most fashionable piece which is sure to get heads turning ‘round all tables.


As always, the children continue to develop their own understanding of Faiths by tackling big questions and sharing even bigger answers. We will look at how God is represented in different faiths. On the lead up to Easter, we will be answering the question “Is Good Friday really ‘good’?”.


The adventurers will face many physical challenges, our PE curriculum is there to get them ready! We will continue our multi-skills training with the coaches from Stockport County. This term, we are lucky enough to also have extra dance lessons. The knights will be ready to entertain at any royal occasion.


Beginning the 14th February, St John’s will be focused on our annual Values week. The theme this year is making a change. We will look at our core values and investigate how a little bit of love, when done often and consistently can have a big impact.


Science week, this year, will begin on the 7th March. The knights will have to abandon their trusty steeds and get to grips with more modern forms of transportation!


This will be a long and difficult pursuit. So to help us along the way, we will be using instruments to create sounds to tell a story.


Yours faithfully,


The Royal House of Lower Key Stage Two