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St John's Church of England Primary School

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Autumn Term  

 Welcome to St John's CofE Nursery!

We are so excited to be getting to know all our brand new St. Johnners in Nursery this half term! The children all seem to have settled really well into their morning routines, including washing their hands, what seems like, a hundred times a day! 

This half term we will be beginning to look at numbers starting with zero and one, trying to get to know these digits inside and out, recognising what they look like and how many objects they stand for etc. We will begin to try to recognise and listen out for our own names and work on our physical skills so that our writing muscles can get stronger ready for holding and using different writing tools. 

We have been concentrating on learning how to use all of the different areas of learning over the first few weeks. Knowing where to look if we want to find something or put something away and practising stopping and listening to our grown-ups. We have also enjoyed choosing and joining in different nursery rhymes and action rhymes.

Each week we have a new mini learning topic or theme. We begin each new topic by listening to different stories and non-fiction books with our teachers followed by lots of practical activities to develop our understanding in these different areas. 

Exploring the world
Exploring the world
The Areas of Learning for EYFS:  (These are the things my teacher will be assessing me on)
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development. 
  • Communication and Language. 
  • Physical Development. 
  • Literacy.                                                                                                           
  • Mathematics. 
  • Understanding of the World. 
  • Expressive Arts and Design.                                                 
Getting ready to write
Getting ready to write


Reminders: Our P.E. slot is Friday

Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school.


Any queries or communications- keep in touch via See Saw.

Many thanks.



Our main focus: At Nursery we are learning to :-

.Be more independent when using the bathroom to go to the toilet or/and wash our hands

.Put on and fasten our own coats

.To take turns when we play with our friends.

.To be kind and helpful to all the children in Nursery.

.To remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.    


At Home
At Home

To help your child at home we recommend reading as often as possible to your child anything that you will both enjoy.

Continue to encourage independent toilet use and try to teach your child to put on their own coat. If they can put their coat on, help them to  begin to learn to manage their zip. Putting their own shoes on and off is also a very useful skill to have with 25 other children around!

Do as much physical activity as you can, such as balance bike riding, if they have one, or climbing on park equipment. Although it may seem strange, these are all super ways to strengthen your child's muscles ready for writing! 

Please share shapes and numbers in the environment around you, when you are out and about, and if you wish to encourage writing, please use lowercase lettering (except for initials of names).

When writing, don't draw dots for the children to follow. Ask them to try to copy a letter you have written first or write a letter in a light coloured pen or pencil and ask them to trace over it, forming it as you did.

If your child is really eager to learn letters try to use their sounds not their names.

For example a = 'ah' not 'ay'

                         s= 'sss' not  'ess' or 'ser'.   

Finally, we would like to thank you for your support and encouragement over the first few weeks of the Autumn term. We know it has been tricky with the staggered class start and finish times and it has been so odd not being able to invite parents into our nursery. Thank you for your patience and help. The children have settled very quickly because of your cooperation with us. It has been a pleasure teaching and getting to know the children so far and we can't wait to see them develop and grow over the coming months!  

Mrs Traynor and Mrs Leah