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Remote Education Provision


Information to Parents January 2021 -  Remote Education Provision


At St John’s we know this a really difficult time and we want all our families to continue to feel connected to the life in school. The team have worked relentlessly in pursuit of achieving this, but we know you may incur barriers in accessing our offer, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you encounter problems. Our Mission statement - Love of God, Love of Neighbour, Love of Oneself - has never been more pertinent. This is a time where our faith and our place within our community means, together, we can face the challenges that have been set before us, whilst recognising we all have a part to play. 

During a lockdown (local or national restrictions) or any Bubble needing to isolate, we will assume a remote learning structure to our school day. If any Bubble needs to isolate all members of that Bubble will be educated remotely, but if we are on a lockdown then some children will be in school and some at home - the children of key workers and vulnerable children will be allowed to attend school.


What is meant by remote learning for St John’s?

This is learning that can take place away from school by using a mixture of learning tools i.e. virtual platforms- Zoom, YouTube, Dojo/Seesaw and home/school packs.


What will remote learning look like for my child?

This will depend upon how old your child is and what needs we are providing for in your child’s learning. Some of our younger children will find it very difficult to use a real time virtual learning platform and so their remote offer will look different to the older children’s.

We will send home any resources you will need, either with your child or we will deliver them to your home.

We will keep you informed about how each day will run and by setting out a timetable for your child’s learning. This will have a mixture of video/ real time teaching input, whole class teaching via zoom/video and independent activities via Seesaw or Dojo.

There is the same requirement to access the learning as there is when school is open. If children miss their learning gaps will appear; the teachers at St John’s are teaching a full curriculum.


 What will the children be taught?

The curriculum is the same as we teach normally in school. There is a mixture of core and foundation subjects. We might have to amend how these subjects are delivered due to the remote learning platform, but both children at home and in school are being taught simultaneously on the same curriculum.


The School Day

Each teacher will send out their timetable via Dojo/Seesaw allowing children from home to access the same day as the children in school. You will be given specific times and login details for sessions like: Guided Reading/ Phonics/ Maths and English input. There will be some whole class learning for things like: Art, Music and PE.

If you are unable to access these in real time then these sessions are recorded and saved to our YouTube Channel- you will be given a link to access the session via Seesaw/Dojo.

The day will run from 8.45am to 3pm/ 8.55am to 3.10pm or 9.05 to 3.20pm dependent on your child’s class bubble times- these are the same timings from before lockdown.


There is daily worship via Zoom at 9.30am to 10am to include the whole school community- everybody welcome! These are led by Mrs Hewitt-Lee, Miss Finneran and Rev Hayes.

Monday- Mrs Hewitt-Lee

Tuesday- Miss Finneran

Wednesday- Superstars- Mrs Hewitt-Lee

Thursday- Rev Hayes

Friday- Mrs Hewitt-Lee


When children are completing their independent activities, they will not need to be in live contact with their class teacher and can complete these in their own time, but their timetable will have accounted for this time.


The expectation of length of engagement will differ according to the age of your child.

Children in EYFS  - 2.5 hours

Children in KS1 -  3 hours

Children in KS2 - 4 hours

(These are guidelines and sometimes they might differ!)


We know this is a really difficult time and you might need to have some flexibility, but if you are experiencing difficulties please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the class teacher and they will help to find a solution.

If you need support accessing on-line learning please get in touch because we can definitely help! Even if it’s a device you need.



What will we use to deliver home learning?

We will be using: Zoom, YouTube, Dojo, Seesaw, Oxford Owls and Home/school packs.

All the live lessons are recorded and are uploaded to our YouTube channel for you to access anytime. You will be given a link to the learning via Dojo or Seesaw.


Engagement and Feedback

Teachers will be checking in daily and reporting any non-engagement to the Headteacher and Admin Team, who will follow up to see if we need to offer further support to resolve any problems. All the teachers and Headteacher are easily contactable through Dojo and Seesaw. Please get in touch if you have any worries or concerns.

Your child’s progress will be assessed in the usual ways but with the help of on-line tools:


  • Questioning during sessions
  • Assessment during the sessions
  • Independent tasks sent back via Dojo/Seesaw that are marked
  • Tasks that are collected by the class teacher- EYFS do this weekly
  • Written evidence sent back via Dojo/Seesaw that are marked
  • Quizzes in live session
  • Tests sent out by class teacher and sent back via Dojo


 Children with additional needs

We invite all our children with additional needs into school and encourage their parents to send them in in order to minimise the disruption of their learning patterns and to maintain consistency and continuity. If any of these children are unable to attend, we offer a range of differentiated learning opportunities which are as near to the experience they would have in school. There is 1:1 provision for some of our learners via Zoom/YouTube recorded lessons and a daily catch up via Zoom or a phone call.

Each individual is catered for according to their need and we will work in partnership with parents to support the delivery of the teaching and learning.


Remote education for children who are self-isolating

Children who are required to self-isolate will join the learning of the rest of the class in school via Zoom. We can support families with devices and on-line problems to ensure they keep connected. They will have the opportunity to access all the learning their peers are accessing and we will deliver any resources needed to complete the tasks.